At TERRADON, our success is not measured by how many projects we complete. Instead, we measure ourselves by the value we create – for our clients, our communities, our neighbors. We are an organization built on family, grown from the communities of West Virginia and the Ohio Valley. How we interact with the community, what we return to it beyond our daily work, will leave more of an impact than the work itself.


Cultivating Diversity and Inclusivity

Voices that come from different experiences and different backgrounds have the potential to provide new and innovative solutions, to bring new outlooks and approach problems from a different angle. At TERRADON, we are committed to providing our clients with the optimal outcome by being open to all input, and actively seeking talent that has grown from and reflects the diverse communities we serve.


Investing in our Communities

We strive to be supporters of our community, and part of our core values is to give back, through philanthropy and volunteerism. Community service and stewardship is part of the fabric of TERRADON’s culture, driven by the passions and spirit of our employees. We are dedicated to devoting both time and resources to make genuine contributions back to the communities where we live and work, and that we call home. Through our investments in everything from charities and Little League we help our communities to grow into the future.


Environmental Stewardship

Every project we undertake at TERRADON is done with the impact on our local environment in mind. We are all stewards of the environment, and it is our task to develop and design responsibly, monitor the impacts of our work, and retain the quality of the Appalachian and Ohio Valley surroundings at every site. The individual environment of each community we have projects in is an important part of that community, and helps to make it unique. It is imperative that we retain and conserve that environment, for present and future generations.


Fostering Future Professionals

While we focus on the present and the task in front of us, we also must keep an eye to the future. Our company has evolved through the generations, and we understand that preparing the next generation and encouraging them to grow professionally is important. For TERRADON, that means being involved in education and internship opportunities for students throughout the region, offering insight into our professions and opportunities to learn and develop. We’re not just looking to provide jobs, we’re looking to provide careers and avenues of growth.