What drives education projects, whether K-12 or higher education projects, is vastly different than what drives private development. Unique obstacles can arise, particularly with numerous stakeholders involved and the conservative budgets that so many projects need to operate within. Considerable public input can lead to project evolution, so education projects need a company that can work with ever-changing demands.

At TERRADON, we understand the needs of the modern facilities, the necessity to be able to evolve with new learning technology and new demands in the future. We work with you to implement intuitive planning, using in-house expertise and integrated services that step up to the challenging needs of education projects. With decades of experience in the education market segment, and numerous successful jobs under our belt, TERRADON is the region’s leader in developing education projects for the future.

“Through combining our sustainable planning and design into education projects, we aren’t just creating learning spaces for future generations, we’re also helping to ensure the environment is in good shape for those generations to enjoy.”
VP Land Development