As a family-owned firm anchored in West Virginia and the surrounding states, we know that our communities are rooted in honesty, hard work, and solid relationships. As a company, we work to cultivate lasting relationships through instilling our values in our employees, our projects, and our everyday interactions with clients, stakeholders, and the neighborhoods impacted by the projects we undertake. It is our mission to provide superior engineering, design, and other services across the region.


Accountability and Integrity

From the newest hire to our top executives, we feel it is imperative that every team member at TERRADON is accountable for their work and their performance. Every team member is expected to act with integrity, trustworthiness, reliability, and fairness. This allows us to develop lasting, valuable relationships.


Innovation and Evolution

At TERRADON, we look for opportunities to develop new ideas, to implement new processes, and to evolve design and engineering within the projects we take on.



Sharing knowledge through collaborating with colleagues and clients allows us to grow, and ensures that relationships are open and transparent. Working together, we can achieve greater heights, and take projects beyond expectations.


Learning and Leadership

Both as a company and individually, we must constantly learn and progress. Embracing the latest technology helps TERRADON’s agility and cost-effectiveness. We embrace differing ideas and experiences, using them to grow and to reflect our communities as a whole, and pushing us to stay progressive.