Across the country, the production of energy is changing. Whether it is from low- and zero-emission facilities, hydroelectric facilities, wind turbines, solar farms, or other traditional and alternative sources, there is a constant demand for new energy production projects. How we produce that energy is constantly shifting, with new engineering demands driven by ever-evolving technology.

From low- and zero-emission facilities, to traditional energy projects tackling oil and gas reserves across the Marcellus shale belt and supporting the Appalachian coal fields, to wind turbines and other alternative sources, we are ready to meet the high demand for new energy production projects.

“Modern energy projects require a multi-tiered approach, considering the wide impact the projects can have. By keeping community responsibility, safety, environmental considerations, and shareholder relations in mind through the planning and design, we develop energy projects that meet our clients standards, and meet the standards of the people and communities that could be impacted by the projects.”
Warren Friend
Energy Project Manager