Across the country, infrastructure continues to be the key to our growth, our mobility, and our development. Roadways, bridges, retaining structures and more help keep our people and goods moving, pushing forward economic growth while keeping us connected. From maintaining, improving, and rehabilitating existing infrastructure to developing new solutions from the ground up, there is plenty to be done.

At TERRADON, we provide comprehensive transportation solutions for infrastructure projects, developing better and smarter mobility options for increasingly complex community needs. Our team has project experience at various levels – locally, state, and even federally-funded projects are addressed smartly and efficiently. With in-house capabilities ranging from design through materials testing, we ensure high-quality results through state-of-the-art design software and field analysis tools. Our cost-effective solutions have made TERRADON the industry leader for transportation projects across the region.

“Everyone is invested in infrastructure – ourselves included. These are the bridges and roadways we travel every day for work, for vacations, for soccer games, for getting groceries. We want them to be reliable, well thought-out, and create a safe and quick way to get from one point to the next. We need them to be ready for us, and the traffic demands as our communities grow.”
Joe Saunders, PE