When we approach the commercial and private industry market, we see it as a great opportunity to show off our skills and our agility. With projects within the sector ranging from designing private industrial parks to developing land for mixed use development, and much more, we need to be on our toes, responsive to the varying needs of the individual client. Balancing innovation and experience we bring great ideas to the table.

At TERRADON, our team brings thoughtful planning and cutting-edge technology to bear on your commercial and private industry projects. By collaborating with clients and striving to understand their requirements and desired outcomes, we can develop approaches that are both schedule- and budget-centered. Our firm-wide resources allow us to tackle even the most difficult parts of project development, from remediating tough environmental sites to testing and validating materials in use.

“Because every business is different, every commercial or industrial customer presents a new challenge. Thanks to our diverse team, we can approach these challenges with confidence, and bring the clients solutions that are intelligent, concise, and cost-effective.”
Matt Glaspey
Construction Site Manager