Making our neighborhoods and communities stronger and healthier is more than just a project goal, it should be a goal for all of us. By creating well-planned, well-designed, and environmentally-mindful parks and recreation facilities, we help the quality of life across the region to flourish. Whether encouraging activity, tranquility, or exploration, parks and recreation projects are integral to the fabric of our communities.

Through a collaborative approach, TERRADON helps to develop high-quality facilities with a sense of place, unique to each community. From the bike paths that help provide access to small community parks and athletic and recreation fields, to pulse-pounding high adventure parks, to blazing trail systems through wildlife preserves, our team of designers, planners, and engineers produce thoughtful, creative park projects. Thanks to extensive training in ecology and environmental design, our team brings designs to the table that aren’t just cost-effective, but that are responsible designs that help to preserve the environment they exist in.

“Designing parks and recreation projects is one of the ways TERRADON helps to encourage a healthier, active, cohesive community. The best part is, when we design a new park, upgrade a trail, or do the development work for a new wildlife reserve, we get to go out and use it with our friends and family when it’s finished!”
Will Thornton, PE