Testing & Inspection


Charleston, WV


City of Charleston, WV


TERRADON Corporation served as the lead Special Inspection Engineer for the recently renovated Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center.  In this role, TERRADON reviewed 30 percent design plans and developed a scope of services including a list and schedule of
inspection items to be reviewed and inspected by field personnel. The scope of services was reviewed and approved by the City of Charleston, and TERRADON was retained to provide the services as a third party representative for the City.

The Scope of Work TERRADON prepared was comprehensive in nature, and crafted to be project specific and include inspection and review of all anticipated construction types, means, and methods. The purpose of the comprehensive scope was to capture all necessary work items and any potential ancillary items that could occur on the project.  By including the principle and ancillary tasks, a fee was created to allow for the services to be completed without unintended cost overruns.

TERRADON’s work was required to be overseen by an in-house Professional Engineer.  All inspections were completed in compliance with the International Building Code and included Section 504 handicap accessibility, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, and all applicable local, state and federal regulations.

Inspections included typical compaction and concrete, but also included steel weld inspections, foundation and structural inspections, floor flatness inspections and concrete reinforcing inspections, structural weld inspections, structural bolted connection inspection, deep foundation inspection and testing, floor flatness testing and fireproofing inspections.