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The Wolf Creek Trail System is a community led effort to develop a trail system within Wolf Creek Park. Wolf Creek Park is a multi purpose business and residential park owned by Fayette County and overseen by the Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority. This system has been envisioned, and partially constructed with volunteer efforts led by volunteer groups and the Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority (FCURA).

The FCURA committed $150,000 to the construction of approximately 15 miles of trails. Terradon participated in the construction phase by mapping the new trails using survey grade GPS system to track progress and to create the final trail map. Terradon Project Manager Will Thornton was active in this project as a member of the FCURA and by actively obtaining GPS data of the completed trails. Terradon team member Clayton Gue also obtained GPS data of the completed trails and developed the final trail map along with other maps for the park.

The initial 17 miles of the Wolf Creek Park Trail System were officially opened to the public in the fall 2020. The trail system is a joint use hiking and biking featuring trails tailored from beginner through expert mountain bikers and loops that provide incredible hikes and trail runs through an actively restored forest. The Wolf Creek Park Trail System will have direct community connections to Fayetteville and Oak Hill, WV.

In the fall of 2020, a grant application was submitted by the FCURA to the WVDOT-DOH NonTraditional Grant Program to fund the planning, design and construction of three parking area / trail heads for the Trail System.