TERRADON Opens New Offices


TERRADON has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years, which has necessitated the need for additional office spaces.  The company has opened new space in Washington, PA with Warren Friend overseeing daily operations for Northern WV and Pennsylvania work.  Additionally, employees in Lewisburg and Fayetteville have both moved into new locations that better accommodate staff.

Will Thornton, Civil Engineering Department Head, is serving as office manager of both office locations. “We really needed upgraded infrastructure for technology and just more space in general. It’s been very beneficial in both locations.”

TERRADON also recently renovated space at its headquarters office, building out a new materials lab.  Geo-Environmental Lead Jason Asbury said it was desperately needed.

“We were out of space and needed upgraded lab space to handle the volume of business currently running through our field services group.  This provides us with another selling point to potential clients, allowing for greater efficiencies,” he said.

TERRADON President Bill Hunt says the growth is needed.  “We are taking on more sophisticated projects with higher quality results being required.  These new spaces allow for not only physical growth, but the professional development of our staff.  We can all be proud of where things are right now,” he said.