Transportation Engineering


Kanawha County, WV


WV Department of Transportation


TERRADON Corporation was responsible for engineering design for nine emergency flood relief efforts by the WVDOT in the summer of 2016. The projects were completed in response to massive flooding near Clendenin, WV in June of 2016. TERRADON served as a subconsultant to the contractor performing emergency relief and tasks were completed in a design-build fashion in order to expedite the relief efforts. Bridge Design The projects included the design of two, adjacent box beam, one-lane bridges approximately 15’ wide; East Porter Creek Bridge and West Porter Creek Bridge.

TERRADON performed hydraulic analysis and designed both bridges to current WVDOT standards. The bridges were not in-kind replacements. West Porter Creek Bridge was nearly 39’ long and East Porter Creek Bridge was 77’ long. Piling Walls TERRADON designed five pile and lagging walls along Queen Road in order to correct landslides that occurred as part of the flood. The projects all utilized predrilled pile and lagging structures to correct the slips. 

TERRADON’s engineers also designed two culvert crossings in the Clendenin area. Crossing one utilized a reinforced concrete box culvert approximately 40’ long. Crossing two utilized an HDPE culvert and was also approximately 40’ long. Each culvert crossing included hydraulic studies and engineering design that met current WVDOT standards. The projects in whole began in early July of 2016 and were completed in January of 2017.