Virginia L. King

Virginia founded TERRADON in 1989 and has been instrumental to the company’s success thanks in part to her strategic approach to financial management and multidisciplinary oversight. She’s an active member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). An ever-present figure in her local community, she is on the board of directors for numerous civic organizations such as the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences and on the board of trustees for many industry organizations including the West Virginia Contractor’s Association College Foundation.  Today, Virginia manages TERRADON in coordination with her daughters Ashley and Amelia.

Ashley Lioi, PE, MS

Ashley applies her expertise to the design, review, and analysis of TERRADON'S civil engineering practice. Ashley’s greatest asset is her ability to traverse TERRADON's many disciplines, providing meaningful oversight and direction across all tasks along the way, and serving as the company's primary Engineer of Record in addition to ownership duties.  Prior to joining the family business, Ashley oversaw one of the largest engineering projects in West Virginia’s history, the Summit Bechtel Reserve, as a Project Manager.  Ashley's background of design and construction engineering makes her a valuable asset to clients from a practicability standpoint - she gets jobs built.  Ashley focuses much of her engineering time on energy and site development projects.

Amelia King Randolph

Amelia serves as an Owner, Geologist and Project Manager at TERRADON.  She provides general oversight for the company and provides attention to many of TERRADON's energy-related projects.  Away from the field, Amelia provides stakeholder input in the form of corporate policy and financial direction review. With a BS in Geology and an MBA in Business Administration, Amelia enjoys dividing her time between corporate management and engineering-related tasks in the field.

Bill Hunt, PG

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Bill is a professional geologist, licensed remediation specialist, and President of TERRADON. His background in environmental documentation, investigations, and the communication with various government agencies (federal, state, and local) has provided clients with practical, schedule-minded results.  Bill oversees daily operations of TERRADON, managing all facets of the company and providing strategic planning for growth.  During his tenure, the company has recognized expansion into Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Pittsburgh.

Ryan Wheeler

Ryan serves as the lead for TERRADON business development and marketing directives.  Maintaining relationships with with industry stakeholders, Ryan is the contact and liaison for many of TERRADON's projects.  He oversees all of TERRADON's qualifications-based project pursuits and provides direction on growth for markets and geographic expansion.  Ryan provided central direction for TERRADON's evolution into government and industrial markets.  His background includes contract and project management, having served in those roles for a contractor prior to joining TERRADON.  Ryan is involved in numerous civic and industry organizations including various board of directors roles.  He is a current board member and past President of the Huntington District Society of American Military Engineers.  Ryan's work has been recognized by industry leaders and he was named one of West Virginia's top 40 professionals under the age of 40.

Jason Asbury, CESSWI

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Jason serves as Department Head for TERRADON's Field Services group.  In this role, Jason manages all TERRADON field services projects.  Jason is well-versed in multi-disciplined engineering with a background in site civil engineering, landscape architecture and environmental agency coordination.  Jason's groups provide critical project support for testing and analysis to deliver the best approach for each project. Under his watch, field services crews are responsible for QA/QC and construction testing services for projects throughout the Ohio Valley and Appalachian regions.  Jason is active with many industry organizations including the Associated Builders and Contractors where he is a previous Chairman and currently serves on the Board of Directors.  Jason's achievements have been recognized by numerous groups, including being named as one of West Virginia's top 40 professionals under the age of 40.

William S. Thornton, PE, PS

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With more than 25 years of experience, Will oversees TERRADON's primary group of civil engineers.  His groups oversee multi-faceted projects throughout the Ohio Valley and Appalachian regions.  Will's background includes the management of complex transportation projects and the design of numerous trails and community improvement projects.  Prior to consulting engineering, Will worked at a construction firm performing major concrete paving projects in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Will has extensive experience with large scale design projects that include roadway design, permitting, , right-of-way services, and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure utilities.  Will has recently served as the Project Manager for a progressive Geospatial contract for the US Army Corps of Engineers, providing high-end survey solutions for projects across the United States.  Will's work has been recognized by industry leaders and he is active in various civic and industry organizations.

Robert Thaw, PS

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Robert Thaw is TERRADON's Survey and Mapping Department Head.  With more than 35 years of experience in a wide range of surveying and mapping projects, Robert oversees large and small projects for civic, commercial and private industry.  Under his direction, TERRADON crews review project plans, and create base mapping for projects like site developments, noise barriers, interchanges, sidewalks, bike paths, and bridges.  Additionally, Robert recently served as Project Manager for a large Geospatial contract for the US Army Corps of Engineers, where his teams provide everything from boundary surveys to high-end scanning.


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Greg oversees TERRADON's Land Development group where he is responsible for hundreds of notable commercial, educational, and recreational site development projects.  Under his guidance TERRADON has earned a reputation as a leader in site civil engineering.  Greg provides clients with a unique vision on projects, often finding cost-effective solutions that others can not see, and earning clients true realized value.

Matt Glaspey, CCM, Env. Sp.

Matt serves as Department Head for TERRADON's Environmental and Construction Management groups.  In this role, Matt manages all TERRADON environmental, permitting and construction management projects.  Matt's background in site civil engineering, landscape architecture and construction management provides an overall project understanding delivering quality services from design to completed construction.  Matt's groups provide critical project support for specialized permitting and erosion and sediment control planning while also conducting field work for wetland and stream assessment. Matt maintains knowledge of ever-changing conditions and regulations to deliver environmental solutions to meet both client and agency needs. Additionally, Matt is a Certified Construction Manager and oversees long-term construction management projects for government agencies including the National Parks Service, as well as private industries including manufacturing and commercial building operations.