Survey & Mapping
Transportation Engineering


Harrison County, WV


WV Department of Transportation


TERRADON Corporation was contracted to perform a design study and Interchange Modification Report for the Interstate 79/US 50 Interchange in Bridgeport, West Virginia.  TERRADON prepared a PIE study including feasibility reports, studies, and construction estimates for three interchange alternatives, along with subsequent surveying, mapping, and geotechnical engineering work necessary to develop preliminary plans.

Each alternative design study included existing conditions mapping, proposed alignments plan and profile sheets, typical sections for proposed roadways, and pre span arrangement reports for each proposed structure.

Studied alternatives consisted of a Diverging Diamond, Bypass A, and Bypass B.  Bypass A included the addition of two new flanking bridges that essentially run parallel to the existing US 50 Roadway, with the intent being to alleviate traffic congestion by creating new left turn movements for motorists.  Bypass B included a new flanking bridge to the north of the US 50 Roadway along with a new bridge over I-79 that will tie traffic into the nearby shopping plaza.  The new bridge into the shopping plaza ties into Emily Drive to the east on to US 50 near Bridgeport Hill Road to the west.